Friday, March 17, 2017

Why are Icons Dynamic Yet Balanced, Instead of Being Static or Symmetrical?

In the Orthodox Church the view of Heaven is that it is not static but always dynamic.  It is taught that all those who go there continue to grow towards a fuller perfection even after they have come to live in this blessed place, because God is still infinitely more than whatever they had partaken of Him in their own journey towards Him on earth.  Thus the reality for all Eternity is that as God is creatively alive and infinitely full, so those who have come to live in His presence can and will continuously grow and grow in holiness and in greater life when they are living closer to Him. 

The icons are “windows into Heaven” so they reflect this Heavenly truth even when shown here on earth, and so are dynamic rather than static, balanced but not symmetrical.  They imply motion, aliveness, vitality, vigor, and strength even though they are yet in form just two-dimensional art.  Rest in motion, peace in growth, life in more life—ideas hard to express in our still fallen world, but with Christ all things are possible.  Let us yearn towards His Light and see then with a greater sight! 

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