Monday, February 13, 2017

Where Do Icons Come From?

Jesus made the first icon by pressing His face to a cloth, sometimes known as Veronica’s Veil.  Veronica’s name means “true icon.”   It is also called “the image not-made-by-hands.”  All icons of Him are patterned after this image.  St. Luke was the first iconographer or icon painter.  He painted the Virgin Mary from life. Some of his icons are still here so we can see what she looked like too.
All of the icons have two dimensions, one earthly after the form which each person appeared in this world, and one Heavenly in the deliberate abstraction added to the image to show us more than just realism.  God was both Man and God.  When He was on earth He was always more than just what people could see outwardly.  Some people found that He was God incarnate even while He was here. Let us look deeply into the icons to see this dimension too!
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